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Raxles' CV Axle Trouble Shooting Chart

Symptom Condition Solution
    That increases with speed or kicks in at different speeds
Excessive play in the inner or outer joints or a bent driveshaft Replace worn shaft assembly
    Noise when engaging automatic transmission.
Worn inner or outer joints. Replace worn shaft assembly.
    Continuous at low speed
Indicates a worn CV joint Replace worn assembly.
Humming or growling
    Continuous noise.
Inadequate lubrication on inner or outer joints (check boots for leaks). May also be worn gears or wheel bearings. Inspect CV joint - replace necessary.
    Noise during acceleration or deceleration.
Worn inboard joint or differential problem in the transaxle. replace worn shaft assembly or repair transaxle as necessary.
Clicking or popping noise. Worn outer joint. Replace worn shaft assembly.
    While acceleration or deceleration.
Worn inner CV joint. Replace worn shaft assembly.
Cyclic vibration. Worn inner tripod CV joint. Replace worn shaft assembly.
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