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Thank you so much Marty for your industry leading service! Not only were you pleasant to talk to on the phone (again), but you called back to confirm my transmission type. Most businesses would just ship a product out even if they weren't sure, but you called back to confirm that the order was perfect before it ships. The CV axle kit is THE MOST COMPLETE and BEST on the market! ARP axle nut, so I don’t have to drive to the dealer, order one, wait for it to come in, and then drive back to pick it up-was priceless! New axle bolts with torque specs for my exact car, right on the bag, priceless! Because I am a repeat customer, I knew where to drop the core axle to, but for other to have the exact address for their nearest UPS pickup point is going above and beyond. Many, many Fortune 500 companies would be VERY SMART to study your cradle to grave product cycle! There really isn’t anything else you could have done to facilitate an easier axle installation (other than coming here and doing it yourself)! I will ALWAY recommend friends buy from Raxles.

Christopher O.

Hey there Marty I just wanted to thank you again.....We had a great Vaction, car ran GREAT (thanks to you) and I will be recommending all my friends and family to RAXLES and (Mr marty) so if you hear someone say "Toni" sent me you know It was me..........and like Patrick said ......your core is on its way. Thanks Marty and if there is anyone I can call to brag about you please let me know!!!!!!!!

Toni Jones, Leesburg VA, 2004 Jetta Tiptronic


I tried unsuccessfully to add my testimonial. I couldn't get the email to "mail." Anyway, here it is.
Marty & Raxles, After only 45 K miles on my 2004 VW Passat 4 cyl. 1.8 Turbo both outer transaxle boots failed. I decided to attempt to do the repair myself after VW estimated a $1,000 repair just for the two rubber boots. After considering Chinese replacement axles, I decided it was wiser to go with Raxle axles because of the guarantee that they contained all new parts. Your service was prompt and excellent! You even loaned me tools and offered freely technical advice as the repair progressed. I highly recommend your company and will certainly use your services in the future.

P.S. The axles came out easily once the car was on jack stands and basic tools were at hand (ratchet, 150 lb. torque wrench & various extensions). Installation of new axles took no more than 1.5 hours per side.

Eric G. Hopf, Cerritos, CA


I purchased axles from your company several years ago and wanted to share my experience with your product. In 1996 I bought a brand new Ford Probe GT. I owned it for 11 years before I sold it this summer. After driving the car for 8 years (and 8 prairie winters in northern Canada), the original axles needed to be replaced. I went through two sets of replacement axles in the following 20K kilometers. I had purchased them from a generic auto-parts retailer. I was a member of and was advised by many I met there to give you my business. I'm sure glad I did. The Raxles remained a solid part of the Probe till the day I sold it. I'm sure the new owner, unknowingly, is fortunate to have your equipment on their vehicle. I heavily modified the Probe in 2003 and experienced a wide variety of customer service from the internet, to say the least! I also experienced a wide variety in the integrity of the parts I bought. I've recommended your company to a lot of people and would do business with Raxles again without a second though. Raxles are tried and true.

Sincerley, Scott

Hi Marty...

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my purchase from Raxles! I am rarely satisfied with products or service, however from the 1st phone call to the follow-up e-mail telling me that my old axles had been received by you, I have been nothing but amazed!!! The axles themselves are a work of art. The fact that the person constructing them puts their initials on the boots is great! I was knocked out by the attention to detail with regards to the maps to UPS, the cotter pins, the gloves and rag, etc. Anyone who needs axles needs to buy them from you! I put 2 new axles from my local parts store on my Maxima about a year ago. The right one started leaking, and I was having a vibration that balancing wouldn't fix. I replaced them with your axles, and the car is now much smoother at all speeds. I will NEVER buy axles from anybody else! I know this is long winded, but I really am that pleased! GOOD JOB MARTY !!!

L HenneOak View,


I did not read a single negative review of Raxles on the Audiworld forum out of scores of them. Everyone says, unequivocally, Raxles is the place for axles. Audi, on the other hand, is a customer's nightmare. In fact I'm considering forwarding on some reviews of your company, a link to your website, and a detailed description of my experience with Raxles to Audi of America in order to give them an example of how to treat their customers. You lent out your tools, you shipped immediately, you contacted me immediately when there was a problem, your prices were great, your product was top notch, and you even sent me a pocket knife. I just wanted to let you know that if they had a Nobel Prize for Customer Service, they would be forced to end the competition after the introduction of the award and declare Raxles the winner in perpetuity. Thanks Marty.

01 Audi S4, Adam Fitzgerald Philadelphia,PA

I have a 2001 Volkswagen Golf, and I have gone through 5 sets of axles since buying the car brand new. Raxles has ended the streak of needing a new set just about every year. I am very happy with these units, and the service is top notch! I would buy another set from them if I had too, but because of their guarantee and the high build quality I will never have to worry about buying again!

D. Drummey, Cape Cod, MA

Hey folks,

I just wanted to write to you to let you know how impressed I am with your product and service.Marty, you were awesome. Its not often I get someone on the phone with such a good sense of humor that actually sounds like he loves what he does. Made it really easy to spend my money on your axles. Haha. And when I got was more than I expected. They look really strong and well made. Good stuff. When I found the little pocket knife it was like a toy surprise in a box of cereal. I was thrilled haha. And the gloves and rags are a very nice touch. not to mention the little personalized tag on the inside of the boxes. makes you feel special. conclusion. You are awesome. Very good service, very nice product, great packaging and all kinds of goodies. I am going to do the same thing as my friends did for me and tell everyone to definitely make you their first choice for axles. I wish you the best of everything now and in the New Year. Keep up the excellent work.

Sincerely, Rupert White

Many of you may have heard of them, some of you may have their axles in your car, for those who don't, continue reading.... It all started with the accident a few months back.. messed up my right front axle pretty good, and noticed my left front axle was on its way out too. So after lots of searching on net, and lots of trouble finding axles that I was confident were correct. I sent an e-mail to raxles requesting a quote for axles... Raxles is an axle shop running out of Florida who is well spoken for on dsmtuners and probably many other tuner sites. I got a reply Monday quoting me at 119 for the right and 149 for the left, for (better than oem) axles. Considering the good reviews on DSMtuners I wasn't going to argue, and I'm glad I didn't. I called them up that day and talked with Marty for about a good 20 minutes about DSMs and Civil wars and what not.. Great guy, great customer service, they had 95 Eclipse GSX AWD Auto Non-ABS axles in stock ready to go... received them today 2 days later and was floored:

Jonathan Regeimbal, Fredricksburg VA


I didn't think there were any companies still left in the US that put PRIDE and CRAFTSMANSHIP in their product. Sad to say, I know, but the product I received from you was absolutely fantastic! Everything from the labeled hardware bags with specific torques specs to my vehicle to the wipe and disposable gloves------let alone the half shafts! Everything, and I mean everything was top notch!! I have already referred you to several fellow Audi owners. I also plan on providing an install process for the A8 which I forward once complete. It certainly didn't go as easy as the Audi A8 Shop manual indicated. Again, Thanks for making a truly SUPERIOR product!! You have a NEW customer for life, my friend!!

Dieter Bromkamp, Audi A8 QuattroGriswold, CT

I have 98 Audi A4 1.8QT MT, both my front axels had to be replaced. I got them from Raxles and let me tell you what a great experience! Not only were the axels great, well packed (with paper towels, gloves and a Swiss army knife as souvenir) and in perfect conditions but also Marty was great to deal with. His sales and customer service skills are second to none, and coming from a customer service background I now how hard that is..
Marty, Thank You.

Haime D.Omaha NE.

Dear Raxles Team,

I want to let you know that my core has been shipped today. I would like to personally thank you for the level of customer service that you afford your customers. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I received my axle (Left front, '03 VW Passat, 5sp) I was first impressed by the product itself. It was above what I had expected and it is currently performing flawlessly. Secondly was the packaging, the axle came very well bundled and protected from the horrors of shipping. Everything arrived safe and sound. Thirdly, I was absolutely blown away that replacement hardware and a return shipping label were also included!!!!!!!!!!! This is just over the top and light-years beyond what I would have expected from buying a replacement axle (the pocket knife was a nice add to). Congratulations Raxles, you have earned a customer for life. Not only did you have an item that I could not find anywhere else but the dealer, but the process of taking my order (phone order) was smooth and I felt as though I was valued for choosing Raxles. I have circulated your company's info to the local auto parts stores, since they were unable to help me, but could possibly help another person. Thank you again, I will sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

Derek Armstrong,Rock Hill, SC, 03 VW Passat

Your core will go out tomorrow, UPS in your return box….. I asked my mechanic, “is this axel any better than what is sold at Kragens or where ever, I had a quote of 100 for a rebuilt, and Kragens auto parts had a new one for about the same 100 bucks…… His response,, “I put the old axel and new one side by side because you took the time to order this from Florida when you could have bought one right down the street”; after inspecting them, he stated , the one from Florida is better than anything he has ever installed as a replacement CV joint here in California. He read your paper work that came with the CV joint and hands down, next time he needs one for his car he will be calling you…. For the record, I worked dealership body shops for 14 years; there are people who call themselves mechanics that I wouldn’t let pump up a bicycle tire, and there are those that call themselves mechanics but are nothing more than parts changers; they change parts on your car till they fix the problem; there are very few that can put their hand on the hood of your car and diagnosis the problem and give you a exact diagnosis and price… Being in your line of work you know what I am talking about, Mark is one of those chosen few that can look at your car and tell you what it needs without opening the hood; those comments about your product coming from him; it is like coming from the Messiah as far as I am concerned… This is the third axel I have ordered from you guys, none defective, none ever gone bad. If anybody is on the fence after reading this about paying a few extra bucks and buying Raxles, call me.. You get what you pay for…. Marty, feel free to give out my phone number if you need a reference…..
Thanks ,

Pat ORiordan , Elk Grove,CA, Acura CL

Marty and staff,

Thank you so much for the excellent product. I recieved my stg 2 raxles today in the mail, and everything was assembled beautifully. I am almost speechless on the quality and worksmanship found in these axles, especially being an aftermarket product. Virtually every part of my car has been modified, and this quality far exceeded my expectations and OEM specifications easily. Keep up the good work, and I plan on recommending these axles to everyone. thanks again!

Paul Jung

Hi Marty,

My wife has been driving her Honda CR-V for about 3 weeks now with the Raxles installed up front, and the vibration we experienced with the, eh hem, Car-Don'ts is no longer there. Overall, I was very impressed with the Raxles product and service, and I'll definitely be buying Raxles for any future replacements on my vehicles. I've already mentioned your company's name to other people looking for axles.

Benja Atkins

Marty and everyone at Raxles I just want to tell you how great it is doing business with you. The axle and the tools worked perfectly. I only wish I had ordered both axels, so I can have total peace of mind.

JH Windber, Pa

The merchandise arrived last Thursday in perfect condition. We installed on Friday morning and shipped the cores back to you on Friday afternoon. Everything about your organization was a model for customer interaction from the ordering process, packaging (with my name on each interior box!), to the directions to the nearest UPS store, and the pocket knife. The installation was easier than replacing CV boots, the price was very good, and the car now seems smoother, tighter, and more responsive. It had 176,000 hard miles on the original axles. Just typing this puts me in a pleasant mood. You are the standard by which all other vendors should be judged.

J Kessler 01 Audi TT QTR

First off, let me start by saying thank you. You guys are awesome. You went way above and beyond the call when it came to providing excellent customer service. When I initially placed my order, Marty told me there would likely be a waiting period for the axles, as I apparently drive a car with very popular axles. Of course, having never dealt with a company that takes so much pride in customer service as Raxles, I set myself up for a couple of weeks worth of waiting. NAY NAY! My axles shipped out just two days later, and arrived in hand, packaged supremely, just a couple days later.

Now, I must be frank here. I NEVER email a company with praise, but you guys deserve it. Not only is your customer service so far beyond anything I've ever experienced, the products are incredible. The workmanship and pride that goes into constructing these axles is obvious from the get go. Even the clamps on the boots are of top notch quality. Not only were your axles easier to install than the cheap ones I had purchased from the auto parts store, they fit better (which was honestly surprising, as they should all be the same size). The splines are smoother and all of the mating surfaces are very finely finished. I just installed them today, but I can only assume that I'll get years of great service out of them. My car drives a lot better now than it did with the cheap axles, too. I would experience some heavy judder in lower gears, especially while turning. Off-throttle on the highway, I would also get a left-to-right jerking when I reapplied the throttle. Both of these dangerous phenomena were cured by your quality product. Not to mention the horrendous vibration I had above 65mph is gone, too!

I will definitely be recommending you guys to all my friends and acquaintances, and if I ever need axles again (which doesn't seem likely for this car based on the quality of the ones I just installed, but I will have others, I'm sure), I'll definitely be giving you guys a call! Thanks again

Dan Ceresi, Alexandria, VA, Acura Integra GSR

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