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Hi Marty,

Thank you again for everything. The entire experience of ordering from your company is top notch! Inclusion of all necessary hardware makes the job just that much easier. I don't know why anyone would order from anyone else. I have already recommended your company to others on and will continue to do so!

Thanks again!

Cris L., Audi A4 Quattro, West Palm,FL

Exceeded Expectations

I expected great things from Raxles since I'd already read some pretty positive things both on an online VW enthusiast board I frequent and on the Raxles site itself. Even though I'm not from Missouri, I still kind of have that "show me" attitude. You have to earn your stripes in my book. I was hopeful, however that Raxles would come through. I was a bit worried doing business long distance since it could mean being without transportation for a few days if something wasn't perfect.

The first thing to set my mind at ease was the quick shipment of the already in-stock axles for my '02 Passat. The packaging was very professional and the presentation of the boxes was superb. The axles could not have looked better if they were brand new.

The independent shop doing the work was equally impressed with the axles and was going to file the name away for future reference.

They went in without a hitch and my now car drives better than it has for months.

Bottom line: my expectations, despite being near perfection, were exceeded. I'd highly recommend Raxles to anyone wanting quick service, quality product and cordial tech support/questions.

Best Regards,

Mark Neely, '02 Passat in East Texas


I received the DSM AWD axles via UPS today. All I can say is wow. I will definitely recommend your shop to everyone I can think of. Definitely a great piece of work. Hope the install goes well!

Thank You for the great customer service, and the special help with the carrier bearing assembly. I will be making my own VFAQ for the install, and will be posting it on, as well as

I doubt install should be a problem at all.

Eric McCabe, Manistee MI. (aka VERY Satisfied Customer)

The motor is in the car, the new axles are in the car, and the core axles are on their way back to you. I used your prepaid UPS label so expect them toward the middle of next week. Sorry for the delay, but I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. I won't hesitate to recommend you to any of my racing buddies looking for replacement axles.

Thanks again.

J Lipscher

I just wanted to write to you and tell you that "marty" was very sincere and did a great job of telling me all the information and asking for all the necessary information. He did it within a matter of minutes and i just wanted to tell yall that so far i would highly recommend Raxles to all of my friends.. Thanks a lot.

M Lane

I had to get my CV joint replaced today--this was a GREAT site to help me know what they had done!

Your site is fun and informative and loads quickly.


S Gwilliam

Would someone please let Marty know that the service on my Prelude axles was absolutely top notch. Great product, excellent service and a no pain delivery system. I'll be using him again and left his brochure with my mechanic to spread the gospel. Not to brag, but I'm a bit of an automotive bell-cow in my neck of the woods, (way out in the woods) and I'll be sure to sing his praises. Perfect for those of us who are a bit off the beaten track.

Thanks for a terrific alternative,

David D, Executive Producer,


I am very pleased with the product. Installation could not have been easier: and quality seems first rate. I am an active participant on the website, a site for Nissan Maxima enthusiasts with over 6000 members. As soon as I got the axle installed and running I posted my satisfactory results there. Hopefully you will get some more orders from Maxima owners, we are always on the lookout for great services like yours.

Thanks again

Ben Garner, AL

To all ~ I just wanted to comment that I am very pleased with the quality of your axles with packaging and service to match. I have a small home auto business and will certainly recommend your axles to any of my customers needing replacements. The axles I purchased were for my personal Honda and they have restored that like new smoothness and pleasure to my drives.

Yours Truly,

James B. Weir, Houston Texas


I should pass along the praise/endorsement from the mechanic who installed them for me, he is a GM certified mechanic who now runs his own business. He commented that these are some of the best replacement axles he has EVER installed, much better quality than what he gets from N*P*. Made me feel good about my choice of parts!

David M. Roberts, Turbo-Boone IA, ADP Center 2nd Floor ASB

Hi Marty,

I just got the axles delivered today and could tell an immediate difference in the amount of slop/play between yours and these other rebuilt axles! These other axles had a lot of play compared to yours which had absolutely none. I got them installed, but will have to wait a few days before I can do a test drive as I have another unrelated part to replace and will let you know how it goes. (I'll get the cores out to you Thursday.) I do expect that this will fix the cyclic vibration problem. I take it that a good sign of worn out joints is excessive play between the drive shaft and the joints themselves.

Raymond Manley, Acura Legend- Gardner, KS

Hi Marty,

Thank you for your super product and super service. I wish I had found you before I got my last set of remanufactured axles that seemed to make noises from Day 1. I know why I saw so many nice things about your raxles on the net. My mechanic said they were the best he's ever seen. Thank you for a great product at a great price.

David Couvillon, 88 Honda CRX HF, Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Thanks for the follow-up Marty! Great product, I'm very impressed and satisfied. I'll recommend you guys to all my friends. Best of luck and take care.

Eric J. Santiago, HCP, Inc.

Hi Marty,

Just received the axles for my 97 Acura Integra and I must say I am very impressed (as were my friends). The packaging was excellent and the axles...Awesome! They even have the OEM style rubber balance grommets... more than I can say for the previous ones I purchased from the local auto parts store. Can't wait to put them on.

Thanks again,

Rick Pak, Tucson,AZ

Thanks very much, Marty. Your Raxles rock - once you see one and touch one, anyone with any automotive experience will recognize they have the highest quality product available. As long as you are in business, there is no reason I can ever foresee buying elsewhere.

Cheers and best of luck!

Mark Martel - Ford Probe V6 M/T

Dear Mr. Marty,

Once again, I would like to thank you for everything. The quality of your product and your effort to keep me posted at all time were really appreciated. You have the perfect combination, quality of product and excellent customer service!


Oscar González- Volvo 850

Just wanted to compliment you on your service and product. Axle quality looks outstanding. Also I appreciated that it had the clip on the inside that holds it in, also the cotter pin taped to the outside was a nice touch as well... I will recommend you to anyone else I know that ever needs a new axle!

Steve Falco


I can't thank you enough for your customer service and fast shipping. I was able to swap out the bad rebuilt axle (from a horrible vendor) for the new axle from Raxles. Let me say, I was very impressed with the quality of the new axle. It was obviously rebuilt with new joints and boots. It's been on the car for over a week and it is silent, just how it should be!

I appreciate the prepaid return shipping, that was very convenient.

Tony Raffio


Thanks for the exceptional customer service and support you provided throughout the ordering process. Even though the existing CV Joints were not that worn, I noticed an immediate improvement once the Raxles were installed. My cornering ability and pickup has improved; not to mention how quiet they are over stock. My 2000 Grand Am GT coupe has too many modifications to list, and these axles have no problem handling the extra horsepower and torque. Too bad you don't make transmissions.

Keep up the good work,

Matthew Y., New Jersey


Just wanted to let you know that the return core axle was given to UPS yesterday (Jan 21st), so it's on its way back to you.

The new Honda axle arrived Friday the 16th, so we were able to install it on Saturday the 17th as planned. Kudos on the axle - the workmanship was excellent. Well-packed and nicely set up for the return axle. I'm very impressed. You'll definitely be getting more business from me when I need axles for my Scirocco and Passat!


Rusty Ragan, Albuquerque, NM
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