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Endurance racing a FWD car comes with it's own set of unique challenges, however one would never consider how frustrating it also would be to deal with the myriad of poorly manufactured axles, all of which would fail and or break in no time flat under the duress of an 18 hour race. After finally ruining the 10th or so Axle, and spending good money on aftermarket grease, we decided to give the Jetta one last 'go around' with a custom set of Raxles for our MK4 Jetta. With the porsche style inner CV, and the larger new r32 outer axle, we were finally able to put an axle under the car that lasted a full day of practice, and then two 9 hour races. Because of this, we also placed FIRST overall for the weekend in class, something we've been close to doing, but never quite achieved. Thanks again for the excellent product, we can't promote your business enough. EVERYONE who runs with American Endurance Racing knows the string of bad luck with the Krabby Kraut, and EVERYONE is happy to see it back up front in the fast growing new series!

-Cody Ace #202 Krabby Kraut 2000 Jetta

2010 Jetta TDI


I received your axle on Tuesday night and installed it last night. I have to say that I am blown away by the quality of this product. When I first opened the box and picked up the axle I was surprised by how beefy it is compared to the blown out axle. The workmanship on this thing is excellent, the install went without any snags and I got the entire job done in just over an hour. If anyone is skeptical about ordering an axle from Raxles, don't be, this is grade A quality work from a man who knows his stuff, and very obviously puts his heart in to each and every one of his products. 10/10 would Raxle again!

Chris Waters,Temple Hills,MD

2003 VW Passat V-6 Vibration

I have a 2003 Passat Wagon with the V-6. It now has 113,000 miles on it. The engine has a minor vibration that I can feel in the steering wheel at idle. More troubling is that it has considerable vibration at 65 mph and about 2,400 rpm while under a light load. The vibration is now occurring under lite acceleration at lower speeds, but to a lesser extent. A reputable independent replaced my axle shafts rather than repair the torn boots some years ago. They replaced them with new, after-market Chinese solid axles. Original VW axles have hollow shafts. I read numerous blogs about similar problems and how they were resolved after replacing the axles with rebuilt axles from Raxles. My independent claimed that he replaces hundreds of axles a year with similar after-market axles with absolutely no problems. He also questioned why if there is a problem with solid axles why there isn't a service bulletin. After rotating the tires, rebalancing the wheels and talking to many other independents as well as VW dealerships, I decided to roll the dice and try the Raxles axles. The car runs smoother than I can remember. The axles are not cheap, $199 plus a $100 core charge if you do not have your original VW axles for a total of $299 per axle. However if you are planning on keeping your car and the vibration is bugging you, I would recommend making the investment.

Curt Kohlman, 03 Passat V6 Auto

Dear Raxles Team,

I do not usually write companies to tell them about my experience as a customer, and I never fill out those dumb automated surveys you get after making an order. This is an exception, because Raxles is exceptional.

When I received my order for a set of axles for my 2004 VW Passat, I needed to open up the boxes to see just what sort of tools I would need to go buy. I figured I would need the 17mm hex driver to do the axle, and probably the star type driver for the axle bolts themselves. When I got the box open, I was quite surprised to find that both these tools were in the box. Who does that? Raxles does.

More testaments to their attention to detail:

• my name was printed on the label on the outside of the box with the part number, nice touch

• a return UPS shipping label was right in the box, with it a map of the closest UPS to my address

• any eccentric tools that I needed were in the box so you don't have to hunt all over God's earth to find them

• the big axle bolt and all the smaller bolts were in the box, I didn't have to go pick them up from VW

• the torque specs for each bolt is right there on a label on the bag they come in -- no hunting through VW manuals

There's more I could go on about, such as the quality of the axle itself!

I did my research before buying and Raxles has a stellar reputation, just ask around. I would (and do) recommend Raxles to any shop or person in need of a top quality axle.

When I was a kid I worked at a music store that was run by a very smart businessman who held the opinion that things should be done right. Guitars were polished every day. The entire shop was dusted every day. When you bought a guitar, you didn't walk out of the shop without a lesson on how to care for your guitar and the tools to do it with. My time there changed my whole view on how a business should be run and I thought I would never see such a business again until this experience with Raxles.

It restores my faith in business owners to see a company that is run right, and that it is so obvious that the company obsesses over the details that make them stand out to their customers. It was a pleasure doing business with them and Raxles has a customer for life.

-Derek Andree, 04 VW Passat

It was such a pleasure finding out about you back in 94 or 95. Up until then we could not find a decent supplier for remanufactured axles. I can't recall how many times we but a cheap remanufactured axle in a car only to have the customer return with a vibration or a noise that was caused by the cheap junk we were buying. In the 11 years or so we've been dealing with you, we've never had a warranty issue with your products. Although sales have slowed (we've replaced all the axles in the area I think), we will continue using you and your staff.

  David Banks
Rosenthal Nissan/Mazda
8525 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, VA 22182
Nissan Dealer code 1908
Mazda Dealer code 51566

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my first experience with Raxles, Inc. I knew my car needed new outer CV boots and joints and with 140K miles, I decided to replace the entire axle assemblies. I couldn't afford to pay a mechanic to do it nor did I want cheap replacement parts put in. So I went searching for premium replacement CV joint axle assemblies that would 1) save me money compared to what the dealer would charge me and 2) be better quality than the remanufactured options I could find online or at the local auto parts stores. I discovered Raxles via and knew that I had come to the right place. My confidence grew with the first steps; my initial questions, to ordering, to shipping -- I could tell this was a quality operation. Even though I'm not an automotive engineer, when I opened the boxes, not only could I see the inherent quality, I could almost taste and smell it! ;-) And you made the process of returning the core assemblies so easy with your sturdy packaging and prepaid shipping labels,Only time will tell if the quality of your axles lives up to my initial perceptions. But based on the recommendations on and the testimonials on your site, I'm sure I won't be disappointed!


Steve Salavarria, Van Alstyne, Texas


Dear Marty;
It was the greatest of pleasures doing business with you. From the first phone call, to receiving the product I had nothing but great service; and can I say what an amazing product you have put together. The quality of the boots far exceeds that of the OE ones, the synthetic grease and tone ring make the OE axels look like junk. The product could not have been better, and since it is an Audi, I’m sure I’ll be ordering three more from you soon enough, just not too soon I hope.


John M. Sacks-Wilner, 2002 Audi S4 6MT

I just replaced my front axle on my 1999 VW Passat. Originally mydrivers side axle broke and I was forced to take the car to the dealerwho in turn quoted me almost $800 for the replacement. I ended uphaving the car towed to an independent shop but still paid almost $500for the replacement.
I decided that I didn't want to go through that again so before thepassenger side had a chance to fail, I decided to replace it myself. I emailed you folks and in no time I had a replacement axle on theway. The replacement axle got to me in just 3 days.
It took me some time to get the old axle out, my suspension was reallyworn and bolt had been stripped but I sent Marty an email, and he letme know that it wouldn't be a problem if it took me a bit longer toget the old one back and avoid the core charge.
I finally got the old one off, the new one went in easily and all wasright in my world again. I sent the old axle back in the same box,along with the prepaid shipping label. I just got an email saying youreceived it and the core charge was all set as well. I couldn't askfor better customer service and you've got a quality product too!
I am a member of several online automotive forums as well as local carclubs and I have already recommended Raxles to several other people. Great job and I'll be sure to keep spreading the good word!

Mike Egan, Manchester, NH

I just wanted to give you a big pat on the back for such a wonderful transaction. I ordered my axle on Monday and wasn't expecting it until the following Monday, even though I wanted it for the weekend. Low and behold I get home Friday on my doorstep. :D It came packaged nicely, with lots of protection. It was painted, and the joints were tighter than any I have ever felt!! Not only did I get the right parts the first time...which rarely happens with my 92 Taurus SHO, but I finally had a QUALITY axle.
I had bought rebuilds in the past that were worse than the axles they replaced, and I am so happy I can have the ease of mind knowing I put in a quality axle, and won't have to worry about it for thousands of miles. You made returning the axle a piece of cake, and let me know as soon as you received my core. I have, and will continue to send friends and family your way for axles!! I also left you positive feedback at, which is where I heard of your superior service and axles.

Brandyn Sauer

Dear Marty & Raxles

I wanted to let you know the axles were installed today. Test drove the car and everything is wonderful. I noticed that the car felt different as I drove down the road, it feels light, and speedy. I was on my way to pick up the wife and thought I would see if she noticed anything without me asking her what she thought. Picked her up, and as we were driving down the road she said," Hey, the car has a bit more spunkiness to it, like its new ! " I agreed but really did not know what to say other than in some way the Maxima is better than before.

Asked a friend what he thought about why replacing the axles would make the car feel different and he said, " Axles are a very crucial part to a car's performance and drivability, and a broken one will make the car seem worthless. And while I will admit I do not have the most automotive knowledge in the world. That sure did make sense to me, and getting new axles over replacing just the cv boots for a little bit more was a great decision.

I wanted to take the time to let you know we appreciate your EXCELLENT service and the SUPER AXLES ! Its great to be able to put your trust in someone else ( and come out on top. Will HIGHLY recommend to everyone in the Maxima community !!!!
One Seriously Happy Customer

James Rollinson,

I had a great buying experience with Raxles Inc. I want to express that they have a very friendly customer service and sent me the exact perfect match axles for my Volvo V40 vehicle at only at the fraction of the cost of what the Volvo dealer will charge me. Also as soon as I received I sent back the old ones in the same shipping container with a prepaid label and when Raxles Inc. received the old ones they sent me an email informing me of the status of my account and that I was clear of the core charge... Great communication and peace of mind!... I installed them and drove the car from Hinesville, GA to Miami and back... so far all I hear is compliments from my wife... "Oh honey the car is so smooth" I will recommend Raxles to anyone who wants nothing but high quality product, smooth transaction and nothing less than 100% satisfaction.

Thank you,

Juan R. Gorgas, Hinesville, GA, Volvo V70

Just got off a two week detail fighting wildfires out here near Canyonville. Tiller complex, 54,000 acres.
I did want you to know that I am truly impressed with your product and how you do the business of shipping, billing and returns. When I first opened the boxes and picked up the axle I knew I had finally found a place that produces a fine piece of machined metal. The packaging protected the ends and keeps them from banging around in shipping, a first in over 4 different companies I have dealt with recently. I was even more impressed when installing the axles and how smooth they went on. I have had problems in the past. I don't expect to need any more for the Subaru Justy now but I still may have a 1980 Citation that my son runs and it has a torn boot on the passenger side.
I have recommended you to at least several folks at work so if you see any more orders coming out of our bay area North Bend or Coos Bay you may know the source.
Keep up the great product line.

Dale Stewart

Congratulations on a brilliant product. I was stunned to see the effort put into every facet of business - from cust service to shipping. I am KICKING myself I did not use Raxle's on the other side of my car. You even gave me a new roll pin for the inside joint!! Your saying "Quality is always a bargain" is too true. I would swear by your service to any other buyer of an axle.
Fantastic stuff -well done.


B Donegan, ### Corp.

I should mention that I thought your service was excellent from start to finish. The axles installed easily and perfectly with no disappointments, and have performed equally well. The packaging and prepaid UPS return label made it very easy to get the cores back to you. The link on your installation page to the dsm cv joint faq was exactly what I needed to get through the installation (My $100 service manual for my 3000GT was not worth the paper it's printed on).I'm a Raxles fan now... :) I just wish I had more front wheel drive cars to work on. That was fun !

Best regards,

Joel Jackson

Hi Marty,
I wanted to thank you for the quality job you did on that axle! Not to mention the quick shipping time. Just to let you know, I've been putting in a good word for you on the CRX board at - probably the #1 site that ZC transplanters go to for advice. Hopefully I can send some more business your way. I have yet to see mention of the issue about the bearings going unprotected when using the Integra axles, and I've brought that information out. I imagine many people are like me and if they know it BEFORE THEY START, they'll come to you to begin with to get the extra quality and security.

Thanks again,

Erik Dilts

I purchased some of your SuperCoupe axles about a year ago for my One Lap of America car. I just wanted to let you know that the car (with stickers) is in the current issue of Car & Driver on page 126. You can't make out the name very well unless you know where it is but it is still kind of neat. This weekend on TNN they will be showing the race from this year. It will be on Car&Driver TV at 9 or 10 am depending on your local times. I also did a large photo shoot with Mustle Mustangs and Fast Fords in late may. The editor said to expect to see it in the Oct. or Nov. issue. The editor even asked if the spelling was right on your company name so you should be mentioned in that one.
We are running around 500hp at the rear wheels in a 4100 pound 89" Thunderbird SC. After 10,000 miles, road racing, drag racing, oval track and even a dirt oval, Raxles axles are still holding strong. In fact, they have now outlived two motors and three transmissions. Thanks!

Ted Lyons, One Lap of America 2001,2002,

What a class operation, Mardi is super helpful and provided me with the confidence that I needed to install the front right axle in my son's 98 Nissan Altima SE. I am a retired High School Principal, that many moons ago enjoyed being a Saturday mechanic. After about 15 year lay-off from mechanics, I was forced into installing this high quality axle, when my repair shop refused to "professionally" install this part. I supposed his profit margin was not as great when not selling his rebuilt front right axle. The job was a relatively easy, with the help of Mardi's excellent web site. The photos from the Mitsubishi install were clear and close enough to apply to my Altima install without referring to any Nissan shop manuals which I do not own. I will continue to do business with Mardi & Raxles and would recommend his company to everyone I know. My only regret is that I didn't use my new Olympus -C8080 digital camera to record the event so a Nissan installation could be posted on Raxles's website. However, I can't wait for the left axle to need replacement. A Happy Saturday mechanic, that now has six other days to mess around,

Matt Traiger

Hi Marty,
I've got to say this was an excellent customer experience, from pre-sales questions through to return. I'm very impressed and glad I found you. I can imagine some of the alternatives from the blogs, if I hadn't looked around for a bit before purchasing. I don't hope to do too much business with you (for obvious reasons) but you're my first stop next time I need to do this. I'll also spread the word. Again, very good customer service, product, etc. I'll check out your testimonials page when I get a chance.

Best regards,

John Argo, Audi Allroad, California

Isn't it interesting how like-minded souls recognize each other so easily? When our focus is on providing excellence to clients through products and service, it's easy to spot someone else with the same priorities. And so it was that, without hesitation, I ordered two front axles from you when I realized that's what my allroad needed. And each step of the process since that decision has been a validation of the original perception. Great service and a great product, all thoughtfully provided in such a way as to make the job as effortless as possible! Not without a steep learning curve for me, however. Never having done this job before, the first axle took me four hours and had me covered in grease in a cold, unheated garage. The second one was in in less than two hours — no grease, no muss, no fuss. Thanks for all the experiences, Marty — and for the excellence you provide!


Larry Horton, Audi Allroad, New Mexico

I couldn't be more happy with Raxles. Did the homework. Got them in. Was going to do the exchange myself but found a shop that did it for $180. I bought the Honda CR-V, 2012 with 28,000 miles on it. At 125,000 miles the factory axles started to noticeably vibrate. After the exchange the smoothness and noise reduction was incredible. In fact, I honestly don't believe it's ever run so smoothly. When I bought the car I just figured that the small engine was not supposed to run as smooth as a 6-8 cylinder. Wish I had changed them out earlier. Thanks Raxles. Customer Service is exceptional.

Mark Stivers
East Texas

Larry Horton, Audi Allroad, New Mexico

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