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Raxles Quality Policy

The Raxles Quality Policy requires that all sections of the company providing products or services operates quality systems based on ISO 9002 Quality System  requirements.  To achieve this policy Raxles Inc. Has established the following principals.

Raxles Inc. will:

1.  Totally satisfy customer requirements with products or services.
2.  Provide products that are fit for the purpose required.
3.  Supply consistent products and services.
4.  Develop a position of market leadership in our field.
5.  Develop process flexibility to service emergency needs.
6.  Demonstrate reliability of supply and demand.
7.  Positive action on any customer complaints.
8.  Accept customer inspections.

The management of Raxles Inc. will diligently follow the quality policy to produce quality products and services that fully meet customer requirements and specifications.

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