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Nice axles, I am so pleased and as a tribute to your quality product, I have decided to name my next child Raxles. Ah, sorry Marty, my wife walked by and said no way. I guess she just doesn't appreciate a good set of axles. Well, it is the thought that counts you know. Seriously, great product and nice packaging. A while back I purchased axles from my local Nxpx dealer that were rebuilt by C. C. T. After 2 sets and identical failures each time (separated outer boots between large clamping flange and 1st. boot rib) the 3rd.set arrived and it became very apparent that C. C. T. was having a problem supplying a correct component axle for my stock Astro AWD application. It was time to walk away and look for another supplier. I happened across the Raxles web site, read some testimonials and decided to take a chance. Great choice. When the Raxles axles arrived I knew I had made the right decision. They looked great, they looked correct compared to the OEM axles and they have performed flawlessly under the same normal operating circumstances that allowed 2 sets of C. C. T. axles to fail. Stay in business Raxles, I know who I am going to buy from again. I would not hesitate to recommend Raxles to anyone with reason to listen.

Thanks Marty, Bob C, Pine City MN, 55063

Thank you so much for my axles! I just got them today, and they look great. I've already made an appointment to have them professionally installed, so rest assured, those cores will be out ASAP. Thank you so much for making our business transaction an absolute pleasure. I will recommend you to whomever I can, as you have been the most leasant autoparts dealer I have EVER come in contact with. I can't say "thank you" enough so, thank you :o)

Sincerely, Paul from Connecticut)

Yo Marty and the rest of the Raxles gang.

We have been using your company for over a year . We have heard nothing but good things about your products and warranties on your products. Since we are in-house adjusters, we don't get a chance to see the products so we rely on shop info. Your prices are virtually unbeatable, especially on the newer high end vehicles. Your shipping and build time is also a great feature. From the initial call to the last call the customer service is awesome, and your dedication to customer satisfaction is greatly appreciated by us and the repair centers we do business with.

Steve and Bryan, Eagle Warranty Corp, Blakely, PA

First of all the service is just simply amazing. Mardi told me how much it was, when exactly it would ship and even a tracking number via email, also Mardi answered all the questions I asked. Second, When I opened the box to see the axle I was suprised to see a little care package that came with a cool little pocket knife and some stuff about raxles also a prepaid ups label which also makes me happy. The axle by the looks of it looks better than the oem cv axle although I can really see the joints so ill go by mardi's word :-). What really amazed me was the fact that it came with a new axle nut and cotter pin. Ive replaced cv axles for other people and never once have I recieved a axle nut/cotter pin with a new axle. Raxles is top notch!!!!!!!


I can't tell you how easy and convenient Raxles made the whole procedure. It was so easy, I am looking around for another car to work on. With your assistance and your axles, anybody can do it. I will never replace a CV boot again and I will definitely spread the word about Raxles Inc. My daughter was delighted with the enclosed "gift" pocket knife.

Thanks, Russ Allen, 90 Honda Accord/small>


I ordered a set of custom length transaxles for my turbo H22a powered CB7 (1991 Accord), and they're holding up wonderfully after half a year of 300~bhp. I drive my car hard, and I've done numerous quarter mile runs, all without any problems. If I ever need another set of CV axles, Marty is the guy I'll call.Thanks! Keep up the quality work and great service.

Liam CummingsCanada

It was a pleasure doing business with you. I'm almost hoping my passenger side axle goes out so I can replace it with one from you guys to match the great looking driver's side one.

Thanks again, Chris Plesko

I have already referred you to some of my friends. This transaction was probably the best epurchase experience I have ever had. I appreciate your excellent service and the outstanding product. The villager rides like new again. I wil DEFINITELY do business with you again! Thanx again!

Mike .T. Smithville,TX

Hey my name is Tyler Hansen. I bought these from you guys in 2003. They work GREAT! Here are some pics of my 1999 VW Passat V6.

Pennsacola FL

I was very satisfied with my product. I had bought another axle previously from a local auto parts store, and it did not fit because it was too long. When I received my Raxles axle it was a perfect fit with no problems at all. The quality of the boots is very impressive. This is like buying an axle straight from the factory but for a fraction of the cost. Also the customer service is very friendly and knowledgeable, I recommend them to anyone!

Mark Mendoza, Hialeah,Fl

Raxles! You can't go wrong. This is my second set of axles from them, andthe quality of their product is superior. What brought me back for a secondset was their outstanding customer service. Marty provides awesome customerservice and support and never disappoints. They also provide free returnshipping for your core axles which makes it very convenient. I told Marty that it may take me a while to get the cores back to him but he gladly gaveme an extension on my core return. Thanks again Marty! In the future, I willdefinitely be using Raxles in all my vehicles.

Neil CruzOxon Hill, MD, Honda Accord CRX Si

What an outstanding, professional operation! Raxles provided everything I needed - including tools and a web link to directions for the swap of both axles in my 02 VW Passat 1.8T Tiptronic. It was one of the least painful car repair experiences I remember, especially since Marty’s link showed how to do it without any suspension disassembly! At ~$400 shipped to my door (actually shipped both ways, and in excellent packaging), it was still $100 cheaper than what the local shop quoted to rebuild my existing CV joints, and I get the peace of mind of new components covered by a great warranty. I didn’t even ask for a quote from the stealership, as their warranty wouldn’t have been worth considering. I’d do it this way again in a heartbeat – although I’m sure it won’t be on this car. Thanks, Raxles!

Joel d., Mountain View, CA

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