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Thanks for all your help in my CV axle “crisis”. Everyone sold an axle for my application, BUT they were ALL the wrong part. Marty knew exactly what I needed and sent me the CORRECT axle right out. When I received the axle, I was stunned by the quality and workmanship in this part. These guys take a lot of pride in their work and it shows.I was so impressed that I have convinced my repair shop to give them a try. It will only take one job for them to be hooked. I have another car needing a axle and Raxles will be my ONLY axle supplier...Thanks Marty and all the team at Raxles...Your friend,

Jason Shiver
2001 Oldsmobile Aurora


Standard Limited
Lifetime Warranty

Standard Limited Lifetime Warranty

RAXLES warrants to the buyer of any axle that it is free from any defects in workmanship and material forever.


Charles Cook's ZC CRX With Raxles Axles.

 1990 Honda Civic CRX HF
Mileage: 30mpg after swap
Purchased with stock engine
Bought a ZC engine for 700$ and installed it
Used Raxles Hybrid Axles. (RAXZCGEN4)
Bought Integra Front Hub Assemblies (Larger Braking)
Put on Some 15' GoodYear Eagle F1's
Installed Front Strut Brace









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