I have a 2003 Passat Wagon with the V-6. It now has 113,000 miles on it. The engine has a minor vibration that I can feel in the steering wheel at idle. More troubling is that it has considerable vibration at 65 mph and about 2,400 rpm while under a light load. The vibration is now occurring under lite acceleration at lower speeds, but to a lesser extent.  A reputable independent replaced my axle shafts rather than repair the torn boots some years ago. They replaced them with new, after-market Chinese solid axles. Original VW axles have hollow shafts. I read numerous blogs about similar problems and how they were resolved after replacing the axles with rebuilt axles from Raxles. My independent claimed that he replaces hundreds of axles a year with similar after-market axles with absolutely no problems. He also questioned why if there is a problem with solid axles why there isn't a service bulletin. After rotating the tires, rebalancing the wheels and talking to many other independents as well as VW dealerships, I decided to roll the dice and try the Raxles axles. The car runs smoother than I can remember. The axles are not cheap, $199 plus a $100 core charge if you do not have your original VW axles for a total of $299 per axle. However if you are planning on keeping your car and the vibration is bugging you, I would recommend making the investment.

Curt Kohlman

03 Passat V6 Auto