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Your core will go out tomorrow, UPS in your return box…..
I asked my mechanic, “is this axel any better than what is sold at Kragens or where ever, I had a quote of 100 for a rebuilt, and Kragens auto parts had a new one for about the same 100 bucks……
His response,, “I put the old axel and new one side by side because you took the time to order this from Florida when you could have bought one right down the street”; after inspecting them, he stated , the one from Florida is better than anything he has ever installed as a replacement CV joint here in California. He read your paper work that came with the CV joint and hands down, next time he needs one for his car he will be calling you….
For the record, I worked dealership body shops for 14 years; there are people who call themselves mechanics that I wouldn’t let pump up a bicycle tire, and there are those that call themselves mechanics but are nothing more than parts changers; they change parts on your car till they fix the problem; there are very few that can put their hand on the hood of your car and diagnosis the problem and give you a exact diagnosis and price…
Being in your line of work you know what I am talking about, Mark is one of those chosen few that can look at your car and tell you what it needs without opening the hood; those comments about your product coming from him; it is like coming from the Messiah as far as I am concerned…
This is the third axel I have ordered from you guys, none defective, none ever gone bad.
If anybody is on the fence after reading this about paying a few extra bucks and buying Raxles, call me..
You get what you pay for….
Marty, feel free to give out my phone number if you need a reference…..

Pat ORiordan
Elk Grove,CA
Camry- Acura CL


Standard Limited
Lifetime Warranty

Standard Limited Lifetime Warranty

RAXLES warrants to the buyer of any axle that it is free from any defects in workmanship and material forever.


Raxles CV Axles

    All Raxles CV axles come complete  with NEW  CV Joints, and a limited lifetime warranty to back it up! We have axles for all the following models: Acura,  Audi, Honda, Subaru, and VW. Other models may also available.
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The legal stuff.


RAXLES warrants to the buyer of any axle that it is free from any defects in workmanship and material for ever, subject to the following conditions: a) The product is properly installed, used and maintained. b) Determination as to the existence and nature of any defect in workmanship or product shall be made by RAXLES, and all such determination shall be final. c) If the unit has been disassembled or modified in any way by any other party other than RAXLES, the warranty shall be considered null and void. Also not covered under the warranty: 1) Repair or replacement following collision (including collision with curb), racing or commercial use, off-road use, or any comprehensive insurance claim; 2) In the case of FWD axles, excessive damage to components due to torn boots is not covered. Inspection of boots should be part of regular vehicle maintenance. d) Purchaser must have original invoice number and date. e) RAXLES is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages. Also not covered are the labor and materials that may be necessary to remove a defective unit or to install a replacement unit. f) If all of the above terms are met RAXLES will either replace the defective unit free of charge or refund the original purchase price, at our discretion. g) To the extent permitted by law, this warranty shall be in lieu of any other warranty, expressed or implied. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. LIABILITY: Our liability is limited to the value of the unit sold or furnished. If goods are defective we have no other responsibility beyond the value of the defective unit at RAXLES. IMPORTANT NOTICE; Purchase of any product or service furnished by RAXLES shall constitute the buyer's acceptance of RAXLES sales policies and terms. 


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