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Your core will go out tomorrow, UPS in your return box…..
I asked my mechanic, “is this axel any better than what is sold at Kragens or where ever, I had a quote of 100 for a rebuilt, and Kragens auto parts had a new one for about the same 100 bucks……
His response,, “I put the old axel and new one side by side because you took the time to order this from Florida when you could have bought one right down the street”; after inspecting them, he stated , the one from Florida is better than anything he has ever installed as a replacement CV joint here in California. He read your paper work that came with the CV joint and hands down, next time he needs one for his car he will be calling you….
For the record, I worked dealership body shops for 14 years; there are people who call themselves mechanics that I wouldn’t let pump up a bicycle tire, and there are those that call themselves mechanics but are nothing more than parts changers; they change parts on your car till they fix the problem; there are very few that can put their hand on the hood of your car and diagnosis the problem and give you a exact diagnosis and price…
Being in your line of work you know what I am talking about, Mark is one of those chosen few that can look at your car and tell you what it needs without opening the hood; those comments about your product coming from him; it is like coming from the Messiah as far as I am concerned…
This is the third axel I have ordered from you guys, none defective, none ever gone bad.
If anybody is on the fence after reading this about paying a few extra bucks and buying Raxles, call me..
You get what you pay for….
Marty, feel free to give out my phone number if you need a reference…..

Pat ORiordan
Elk Grove,CA
Camry- Acura CL


Standard Limited
Lifetime Warranty

Standard Limited Lifetime Warranty

RAXLES warrants to the buyer of any axle that it is free from any defects in workmanship and material forever.


Raxles Testimonials Page Four

  Raxles is the best place to buy axles. The 99 Passat CVs needed replacement. I bought cheaper axles locally, & returned them due to very poor appearance. I contacted Marty, great guy to deal with. He confirmed the parts needed, a few days later my axles were here. Clean package, clean & painted like new axles. RMA documents were in the box. The job went well. I sent the cores back to Raxles. Over & done, no hassles. In summary I received better service & a much better product from 3000 miles away than down the street.

Thanks Marty
George San Bruno, CA

  Just wanted to let you know that the axles from my 2001 Chevy Impala are on the way back to you.  I do quite a bit of business with companies over the Internet, and I can say that my experience with Raxles was second to none.  The packaging, attention to detail, labeling, everything - first rate.  Apparently the reputation of aftermarket axle dealers is not very good, because all of the mechanics at the dealership said these axles would never work since they were "ordered over the Internet" and for an odd gear ratio.  When they saw how thorough you all were - with the gloves, instructions, and shipping label - they were all curious.  Within 10 minutes the axles were in, and 4 different mechanics were copying down the website and phone number.

You clearly run a top notch shop.  Many thanks for such a great job - please keep it up!
Sean Petty
West Chester PA


  Well, I received my axles in time just as Marty said. When I received them, I was amazed at the quality. Much better than the ones we sell at our dealership. Using Amsoil also shows that this company is all about quality. After the install, it was time for the test, as expected, they rode great. I am and have definitely recommended Raxles to all of my coworkers and friends. Thanks for a great product and some of the best customer satisfaction I have experienced in a long time!

Ryan Merchant
Cary NC


   I would like to thank Marty and everyone at for fantastic service. Not only did I receive the correct axles, but I got them fast and they were half the price of the OEM axles. I will definitely be back if I ever need axles again.
Thanks again.-

Brian Yohn
La Plata, MD
2000 VW GTI


Hi Marty,
 Thanks for all your help in my CV axle “crisis”. Everyone sold an axle for my application, BUT they were ALL the wrong part. Marty knew exactly what I needed and sent me the CORRECT axle right out. When I received the axle, I was stunned by the quality and workmanship in this part. These guys take a lot of pride in their work and it shows.I was so impressed that I have convinced my repair shop to give them a try. It will only take one job for them to be hooked. I have another car needing a axle and Raxles will be my ONLY axle supplier...Thanks Marty and all the team at Raxles...Your friend,

Jason Shiver 



  Raxles did it!  They delivered my part within one weeks time.  They even included a map to the nearest UPS Store so I could get my old part sent back.  Totally organized.  They were patient with me until I got the axle installed into my car.  If I ever need an axle again for my Volvo I'm calling Marty at Raxles.  Totally satisfied.

Brian C
98 VOLVO V70
San Mateo, CA



 I appreciate your service. I make my living in customer service and sales. Because of this I'm more sensitive than most when it comes to my purchase experiences. You and your company were great; I have already referred a family member to Raxels.   Thanks for the follow up, Chris.  

Chris Bingham
95 Volvo 850
Sandy UT



Great service as usual.  Too bad you guys only deal w/ axles, it'd benice to get this kind of service when trying to get a hold of one ofthe many other parts that go bad on my high maintenance Audi.  Youguys really do know how to treat a customer.  I had a bit of a chuckle when I opened up the packaging and found rubber gloves and paper towel for the install =D Keep up the great work, and whatever you do, don'trestructure and relocate overseas!

Dan N
99 Audi A4 1.8T QM
Minneapolis, MN



My experience with Raxles in general has been nothing short of spectacular. I heard that you guys made high quality axles, but I had never purchased from you. My CV boot has been broken on my 1996 Nissan Maxima 5speed for about a year. I finally decide to replace it a couple of weeks ago. I choose to order from a local auto store because I thought I would have a lifetime warrantee plus pay about $80 for an axle. After installing this axle, not only my ABS light come one (due to getting the wrong axle), but the re-manufactures axle I received was badly rebuilt. It caused an embarrassing vibration felt when ever applying throttle.
I spoke with some people and decided to get the quality parts. Gave you guys a call and first off you guys were extremely friendly and kind (thanks Marty!). Order went thru butter smooth, and Axle came in 2 days. I installed the axle the same day I received it. I kid you not when I say my car rides like a dream now. My ABS light is off (as I was provided with the proper axle, finally) and the bad vibrations I felt before under acceleration were completely gone. I honestly should have ordered from Raxles in the first place, but instead I tried to be cheap and save a few bucks. I will highly recommend you guys to anyone who is in need of a quality product.

I knew you guys know how to do business when I received my axle. Not only did the axle come nicely packaged to prevent any damage, but it came with directions to the closest UPS store so that I can send back my core. Also provided with the axle were Gloves...GLOVES! And a cloth to stay clean during installation. I was in shock, not only that I later saw a cotter pin that is to go with the axle as well. Had I known all this would have been provided, I wouldn't have needed to go out and spend about $3 for a dozen cotter pins at a local auto store. You guys treat your customers well, and go far beyond what is needed. If my passenger side axle ever goes I know where I'm ordering from. I will spread the word on where to get quality axles from quality people.
Thank you great for an exceptional service
Marlon Daniels
 5-speed w/ABS



Hi Marty,
Thanks for all the help.  This transaction had to be the best internet transaction I have had to date.  Excellent customer service.  Excellent Product.  I will definitely be looking to future purchases, along with referring you to friends...

Max Timan
Integra Type R
McLean, VA



Hey Marty,
Great doing business with you. My transaction with you was perfect in every respect.I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Henry Waslo
1998 VW Passat 1.8T
Valley Stream, NY


  I just wanted to let you know that I am sending my old axle back today at around 6:30 EST.

  I also wanted to let you know that the product your company sells is the absolute best that I have every seen, and your customer service matches it. Everything contained in the box was more that expected, such as the new lock nut with cotter pin, detailed receipt, and even directions to the nearest UPS store.
  Not that I hope my driver's side axle goes out any time soon, but I know where I will be going if it does. Thanks again for providing such a great product and service.


Jonathan Gladden

Glendale, AZ

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