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I just wanted to comment that I am very pleased with the quality of your axles with packaging and service to match. I have a small home auto business and will certainly recommend your axles to any of my customers needing replacements.

The axles I purchased were for my personal Honda and they have restored that like new smoothness and pleasure to my drives.

James B. Weir, Houston Texas


Standard Limited
Lifetime Warranty

Standard Limited Lifetime Warranty

RAXLES warrants to the buyer of any axle that it is free from any defects in workmanship and material forever.


CV Axles Parts



This is the complete assembled cv axles. The axle consists of three primary components. The shaft, cv joint, and the inner joint.


 A bent axles shaft will cause a vibration to occur in the car.


 Continues "clicking" sounds on sharp turns usually indicates a worn outer joint.
Usually the sound is loudest on the joint opposite of the turning direction.


 A "clunking" sound on deceleration or acceleration may be caused by a worn inner joint. This sympton may also indicate a problem with the transaxle.
Vibration or shudder during acceleration may indicate a problem with the inner joint or a bent shaft

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